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Direct Heating Systems

In these type of heat exchangers edible oil is heated in a coil by a direct flame, edible oil is flowing continuously between the fryer and the heat exchanger, the direct flame can be generated by:

  • Diesel
  • LDO
  • Natural Gas
  • LPG
  • Solid Fuel Based (Wood, Coal, Bio Mass Briquette)
Heat exchangers & boilers

Indirect Heating Systems

Edible oil is heated indirectly by thermic fluid. Solid Fuel/Diesel/Gas heats the thermic fluid in a thermobaric system and in turn the thermic fluid heats the edible oil. Edible oil iflows continuously between the fryer and the heat exchanger, while the thermic fluid flows between the Thermo Pac and the heat exchanger. The temperature is controlled by controlling the amount of thermic fluid entering in the heat exchanger.

Heat exchangers & boilers

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