Frying Systems

Our frying systems are ideal for use in restaurants and commercial applications, for both high capacity and entry-level production. In the Automatic Frying System, the product is fed from one end and it comes out fried from the other end by a conveyor system and deep fried with submerged conveyor. The Automatic Frying system varies with the product category: potato chips has its own unique frying system, and pellets and extruded snacks employ a different system. By understanding such product behavior, we have divided the products into two categories, floating and another non-floating. This fryer is based on an oil circulation system, where the edible oil is heated through a heat exchanger. Pneumatic hood lifting provides easy access for cleaning beneath the fryer. Overall fuel efficiency can increase up to 30-40% compared to traditional systems. Our Batch Frying Systems are highly efficient as a certain volume of food product is loaded into a frying vessel and stirred for a predetermined time period, and then removed and as quickly as possible. Thereafter the next batch is loaded.

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