Throughout the packaging industry, checkweigher machines are commonly used to weigh product items as they pass through the production line. These machines allow manufacturers to have an overview of production data e.g production counts, batch tracking, total weights, and approved or rejected weights.

Checkweighers are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, capabilities, and can handle products weighing from a fraction of a gram to kilograms. They are capable of operating at high speeds continuously, in all types of environments.

In addition to being able to separate and classify products in terms of weight, they can be engineered to include a variety of additional features including metal detection (for contaminants), barcode scanning and temperature sensors.

The implementation of checkweigher machines can result in notable savings in material costs for businesses.  Some more advantages include:

Our Checkweighers are from Technofour Electronics’ which has over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing product checking systems and have about 15,000 systems installed in various Pharmaceutical, Food, Soap, FMCG and Chemical Industries around the globe.

These machines are equipped with advanced technology and  software that allows for easy calibration and monitoring of the machines.  They  can weigh products with a precision of up to 0.1 grams, which ensures that the products are weighed accurately and consistently.  The high accuracy helps to improve product quality and reduce waste, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to improve their production processes.

We are based in Nairobi and we offer full backup services within the shortest lead time possible. Our goal is to ensure that production runs smoothly with minimized downtime.

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