A report published by DataIntelo indicates that the global tea packaging market is projected to grow from USD 8.7 billion in 2019 to USD 11.4 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 3% during the forecast period. As customers become more brand conscious and demand high-quality products and packaging, it is important for tea brands to put equal attention on the packaging design and production.

Tea leaves require special packaging to preserve their essence and aroma. The packaging must protect the leaves from harmful factors such as UV rays and foreign particles, while also providing an opportunity for branding. Ideally, packaging should be visually attractive and one that stands out to represent the brand effectively.

 At Uchumi Quick Suppliers, we have perfected the art of quality tea packaging and our consumables are a sure way to elevate your tea bags on the market shelves.

We have in stock:

i)                  Thread

Our tea bag cotton thread for single or double chamber bags are made of the finest cotton. These tea bag threads are engineered to operate flawlessly on high-speed machinery with minimal breaks, skips and stops. Our products offer maximum functionality to the consumer; including high strength, superior anti-wicking performance, microbial purity and odor protection.

Cotton Thread

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ii)                  Tags

Our tea tags are designed to withstand daily use and are made from durable materials that will not fall apart easily. These tags are also appropriately sized for tea bags and can easily be customized with your own brand. The materials used in the tags are food safe and will not cause any potential contamination to the tea, ensuring the safety of customers. Versions available include:

·        Laser cut for individual shapes

·        Paper labels (rolls) for all common tea bag packaging machines

·        Paper/film laminate (rolls) for pyramid tea bag machines

Tea Tags

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iii)                   Filter Papers

Our tea filter papers are designed to provide a convenient and an easy way to brew loose-leaf tea while ensuring a perfect cup, every time. Our filter papers are made from biodegradable and chlorine-free materials, which are not only eco-friendly but also safe for consumption.

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Filter Paper

 Outer Packing Envelopes

Our tea Outer Packing Envelopes are designed with very high barrier properties to keep the aroma of the tea intact for a long period.

Outer Envelope
Outer Envelope

Features and Benefits

Our products are high temperature resistant, eco-conscious degradable, abrasion resistant and have very low shrinkage rates.

To learn more about our tea consumables, contact us now! We will take time to understand your production and operational needs before we deliver the most appropriate solution.

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