Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine

The evolution of Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) technology is transforming the packaging landscape worldwide as it features automated interfaces and control systems that find use in a range of industries including food & beverages, pharmaceuticals etc.

These machines occupy less floor space and deliver speed and accuracy in operations. With built-in data monitoring technology, they can detect when a product or obstruction is caught between a potential sealing point, helping identify faulty seals and bags with unbeatable precision. Smart VFFS systems can significantly cut down on bagging time and increase the general product output without reducing the lifespan of the machine. The technology advances also help to reduce the risk of contamination, which is especially important in food and pharmaceutical packaging.

To meet the growing demand for packaged goods, manufacturers often struggle to keep operational costs low as packaging speeds increase. They are therefore continuously investing in the Smart VFFS technology to reduce downtime and increase on output speeds.

A report published by Profshare Market Research  projects that VFFS equipment market is expected to show impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2 % between 2021-2028.

It is noted that the dynamics of the VFFS equipment market closely follow the trends in the overall packaging industry, especially the flexible packaging market. The growing shift from rigid packaging towards flexible packaging is driving the demand for customized packaging equipment including VFFS, Horizontal FFS, Sachets Machines, and Multi-Lane Stick pack among others.

Advantages of VFFS Technology

•   Consistent packing rate

•   It provides increased production rate leasing to reduced number of shifts

•   Bags that are made using VFFS technology are less expensive than pre-made bags

•   Online film printing provides readable bar code and product info

•   Easy and quick to clean-out between production batches

•   Fewer moving parts – especially Vertical FFS

Purchasing a VFFS machine is a big investment to any manufacturing company: getting one from a reliable expert makes all the difference.

Our VFFS machines are made by Wraptech Machines, a leading provider globally of integrated packaging solutions. Through them, we offer a wide range of Smart VFFS machines for diverse applications.

Wraptech’s focus on design, development expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities have been honed over four decades, and therefore an investment in our machines is certain to deliver a fast ROI and a marked improvement in production efficiencies – our guarantee is to increase your bottom line through lower production costs. Our machines are designed to work on a wide variety of products and several pack formats.

To learn more about the great benefits of our VFFS machines, contact us now! We will take time to understand your production and operational needs before we deliver the most appropriate solution.

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