Manufacturing businesses face a number of challenges during their production stages. These challenges include overfilling and underfilling product packages, especially for industries that measure products in volumetric weight.

Overfilling, or product giveaway, is a major issue as any surplus in grammage could add up to millions of shillings in extra expenses, depending on the scale of operations. Product giveaway leads to increased costs, which means a smaller bottom line for the manufacturer.

Underfilling on the other hand is a challenge to manufacturers as providing too little product exposes companies to hefty fines from regulatory agencies and, a damaged brand reputation from customer complaints. The costs to a brand from customer complaints can amount to millions from loss in trust, resulting to a dip in sales.

How then can manufacturers close the gap between producing too little and too much as there is a risk of error in any production? Manufacturers can significantly reduce production costs and risk of product recall by measuring and controlling overfilling and underfilling in their production processes.

Measuring and controlling of products by use of dynamic checkweighers and data-driven solutions is key to the identification of root causes of variation in weights on production lines. These specific systems and continuous monitoring ensure a consistent weight in products and helps avoid any wastage that would come from overfilling and mitigate any risk from underfilling.

Meeting minimum weight and net contents requirements without producing significant amounts of waste is a delicate balance for manufacturers and their packaging operations. Uchumi Quick Suppliers Limited provides a solution for manufacturers in East Africa, that prevents both underfilling and overfilling products, by use of Checkweighers in their production lines.

Our Checkweighers are from TECHNOFOUR ELECTRONICS LTD which has over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing product checking systems and have about 15,000 systems installed in various Pharmaceutical, Food, Soap, FMCG and Chemical Industries around the globe.

We are based in Nairobi and we offer full back up services within the shortest lead time possible. Our goal is to ensure that production runs smoothly with minimized downtime.

Other advantages of using our dynamic checkweighers from Technofour include:

·        Enhancing accuracy across the products

·        Ensuring consistency across the products

·        Ensuring reduced running costs by tracking productivity

·        Ensuring compliance and meeting of regulatory requirements

·        Providing accurate data to manage the production process

Dynamic Check Weighers allow for standardization of your product offering
Dynamic Checkweighers allow for standardization of your product offering

Contact us on all your weight checking needs and we will help your business cut down on all costs associated with both underfilling and overfilling packages.

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