Pharmaceutical production is one of the most highly regulated manufacturing industries in Kenya. Since its formation in 1957, the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) has continuously created and enforced laws regarding drug manufacturing, distribution, and product packaging.  Regardless of whether pharmaceuticals are available over-the-counter (OTC) or only through prescription, the PPB has established regulations that dictate what information must be included on the product’s label. Failure to include the required information can lead to expensive recalls, hefty fines and reputation-damaging actions taken by the PPB.

To comply with strict product quality standards, pharmaceutical manufacturers must outfit their packaging with long-lasting, fully traceable product markings. Between extreme temperatures, high-speed production lines, and rigid product specifications, companies must utilize marking solutions that can withstand these conditions and deliver excellent results.

Seeing as drug packaging occurs on production lines that move at hundreds of metres per minute, companies need reliable and powerful printers that can operate uninterruptedly. Uchumi Quick has found the perfect solution in DuraCode Inkjet Printers and inks that code packets moving at high speeds in line with PPB regulations (e.g., control numbers, expiration dates, etc.)

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 Our printers are ideal for pharmaceutical applications:

The Inkjet printer is easy-to-use, requires less maintenance than other leading manufacturers while being both durable and reliable. We also offer a 3-year warranty on all our printers. Through the same manufacturer, we can offer inks compatible with other OEM suppliers including Videojet, Markem etc.  These inks and fluids are manufactured in Texas, USA and are formulated for printing high volumes at an affordable cost therefore providing excellent value for money.


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